WAVE1MEDIA, a place to create your own show
Addison Ray
WAVE1MEDIA, a place to create your own show
Indy's premiere business media publishing center for brands to produce their own shows

WAVE1MEDIA is a business media publishing center in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, right off of Monument Circle with an accompanying co-working space (WAVE1 Coworking). 

Wave1’s network specializes in producing professional quality sound and/or video-based shows such as audio and video podcasts.

The location sits on the ground floor of the historic, 14-story former ‘Indiana Building’, situated directly in between the Soldiers & Sailors Monument and Indianapolis City Market on the north side of Indy’s memorable brick-paved Market Street. 

 The front window where the shows are made also displays 24/7 audio & visual advertisements projected out to Market Street. 

The front window where the shows are made also displays 24/7 audio & visual advertisements projected out to Market Street.

The front-facing glass facade of the studio makes the space particularly eye-catching for anyone passing by. In fact, over 10,000 people walk by the location on a daily basis, making it a prime location for advertising which is an additional benefit for those who host their shows through Wave1. 

Frequently, one can witness radio hosts and podcasters running their shows live on-air, with the audio broadcasted out to the sidewalks for pedestrians to hear and occasionally engage with the hosts in amusing ways.

Wave1Media is a platform which has helped many local brands expand their potential ways of engaging with their existing audience, as well as enabled them to reach broader and more diverse audiences.

Whether a business or organization centers around a product, a service, or a cause, there is a worthwhile discussion to be had about the subject, hence the benefit of creating a show around the topic. 

The Wave1Media platform  is especially exceptional given the state-of-the-art equipment freely available for members. Shows also have the option of being recorded in video form, with the shows shot and edited by owner and manager Wyatt Felling.

Wyatt Felling (18) comes from a basketball family also has aspirations to eventually own an NBA franchise—preferably the Indiana Pacers.

To supplement this, all of the mastering and publishing is done in-house. A team at Wave1 edit the audio and video files, and take care of the publishing as well- including even writing the description of the shows for the various channels which syndicate the episodes.  

Felling has ambitious goals for Wave1 – to make it not only the go-to platform for local brands to extend their potential, but also grow the network globally. 

“It will be the biggest network of its kind… in the world in terms of brand name. It’s the perfect platform to build your show. A lot of people are starting podcasts but they don’t know what to do; they don’t know what equipment to get; they don’t know how to get onto Apple and Spotify.

Most don’t even have a location and so they having to run their shows out of their garage or basement.”  – Wyatt Felling, Founder & CEO 

Whether hosts prefer to have their show embedded on their website’s blog feed, or have their shows distributed to other publisher’s on the web such as Spotify or iTunes is completely up to them. 

A $300/month membership to Wave1 will grant one 1 hour show per week, or $75 per show. 

Get a free week pass at WAVE1COWORKING with the Keep Indy Indie Winter Passport.

Members are also granted ad-placement to have an audio and visual commercial constantly displayed in the front window during all hours of the day, which result in around 2,000 website clicks per month on average.

Learn more today at thewaveone.com.


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