Sweets, Treats, & Desserts
Wyliepalooza Ice Cream Emporium  Sweets, Treats, & Desserts
5535 E Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46219
Monday 12:30–9:30PM
Tuesday 12:30–9:30PM
Wednesday 12:30–9:30PM
Thursday 12:30–9:30PM
Friday 12:30–10:30PM
Saturday 12:30–10:30PM
Sunday 12:30–9:30PM
Ice cream! Bubble Tea! Sundaes! Fun!

Wyliepalooza is a family owned business created by me (Cassie) and my Mom, Patty.

The original store is located at 5535 East Washington Street in Historic Irvington on the Eastside of Indianapolis. Wyliepalooza Ice cream Emporium was imagined during a conversation my Mom and I had over a slice of pizza at Jockamo’s. It was random but made sense.

In June of 2013 (two months after our crazy ice cream talk),  we opened our doors and we were met with the warmest arms from the Irvington Community.

Now, we’re doing it all over again – this time in SoBro (1049 East 54th St), opening late June of 2019!

We love our communities, our neighbors AND we love ice cream. We just want to be a part of your treasured Hoosier memories.

Why the name Wyliepalooza (Why-lee-palooza)?

Wyliepalooza came from a nickname my mother had given my eldest daughter, Wylie and Palooza mean “Party” and that’s what Wylie is, a party ALL of the time.

Wylie was 4 when we first opened; now she’s a budding pre-teen still telling jokes and eating Zanzibar Chocolate, but this time with a little more sass.


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