Discounted Appliances and Recreational Gear: A Ward Creations in Indianapolis
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Discounted Appliances and Recreational Gear: A Ward Creations in Indianapolis
From Garage Sales to Exponential Growth: The Story of A Ward Creations

Aaron Ward, owner of A Ward Creations, has turned his passion for reselling into a thriving business in Indianapolis. His store offers appliances, tools, kitchen, bath, RV, boating, dock, and outdoor recreational gear from a variety of major manufacturers and retailers. A Ward Creations is located just east of 65th & Binford near Bier Brewery and The Treasure Nest. Shop from your device anytime day or night at A Ward Creations or shop in-store Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

The logo and branding for A Ward Creations was inspired by Mid-Century modern aesthetic with a Jetsons and nostalgic bowling alley feel.

Aaron’s inspiration for starting the business was COVID-19 and being laid off. He fell back on his construction background, and after seeing people buy and sell branded merchandise, curiosity hit. He started by hosting a few garage sales with the merchandise he invested in, which led to the growth of his business. He turned it into an LLC in November 2020 and moved into his first location at that time and has grown exponentially in the past three years.

What sets A Ward Creations apart from others in the area is the willingness to go above and beyond to ensure the client or customer is confident and reassured by the prices and quality of the merchandise that he sells. Aaron is bringing the community merchandise at prices that you can’t find anywhere else in the area. The business has adapted to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic by shifting sales to Amazon and other ecommerce platforms, making it viable for persons who prefer to do their shopping online as well.

One of the biggest challenges that A Ward Creations faces as a locally owned and independent business is finding new ways to engage the community and make them aware of the great prices and types of merchandise that he has through general awareness and marketing. Aaron supports other companies through recommendations and reaching out to these companies to try and find clients merchandise that he may not currently have in stock. He is working with multiple local artists to get a local display set up to showcase and promote their work and
businesses as well. Some of AWC’s most popular products or services include outdoor gear, appliances, power tools, and RV and boating accessories.

Aaron has exciting plans to bring more community-based events to his store to promote growth, enhance networking, and create a shared experience of community. Aaron gives back to the community by offering savings that permit people to spend their hard-earned money among other local businesses, get what they need, and helps you keep more money in your pocket. Aaron advises other entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Indianapolis to take the first step, surround themselves with like-minded persons who will support them, and grow outside their comfort zone. Aaron believes that the secondary market will continue to grow as consumerism explodes, and the need for things exists and there’s no slowing down. AWC’s growth has been impressive, and Aaron has learned the importance of responding rather than reacting to challenges and obstacles that he must face.

Aaron sees his business growing in the future by bringing on more merchandise from
other trending categories such as sporting goods, home goods, and automotive products. He handles customer complaints and negative feedback by openly listening, talking it through, creating a resolution, and executing. Aaron has had multiple high- profile local business owners and personalities visit his store, from Nascar owners to news/radio personalities, attorneys, chiropractors, real estate investors builders, and doctors just to name a few. Aaron networks with local marketing agents, content creators, and advertising companies like Keep Indy Indie, as well as campaigning on social media platforms to market and promote his business.

You, the customer are everything; I will bring a sense of authenticity and genuine care to the conversation, and make you, the customer feel confident and trusting. I want all of you, my customers to be satisfied with your product and experience. I want you to be so happy with your purchase and experience that you will want to shout it out to all your friends and family! – Aaron Ward, A Ward Creations

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